Wrap Spray Wax- 22oz

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3M Approved

System 51's Replenish Wax is an advanced, waterborne, spray wax that is engineered to clean and shine nearly any surface. University tested and proven to help repel dust, shine longer and bring life back to almost any material.

 Body shop safe, this spray wax works great as a final inspection spray. Capable of cleaning & protecting glass, plastic, rubber, chrome, paint, finished wood, and stainless steel. Helps remove over-spray as well as remove stains from carpet. By not sealing the surface, our carnauba wax formulation allows for proper curing of paint according to the manufacturer’s specifications. This means it can be applied to freshly painted surfaces without any ill-effect.

 Our advanced waterborne polymers allow Replenish Wax to clean nearly every surface without staining or leaving white residue, yet still leaving 30 - 45 days of protection.